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Our Story

It all started with a pink ice cream cone sugar cookie. I was 7 and my mom made them for a school bake sale. I was devastated that they weren't for me and so began my sugar cookie obsession. 

My name is Laurie and I've spent a huge chunk of my life developing not only my decorating techniques, but also my cookie & icing recipes.

I'm honored to have our cookies be a part of your special day, a gift for a dear friend or just because you needed a treat. 

Pieces of butter isolated on white backg
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Sweet Words from Clients

"I could not have been happier with the cookies I ordered for my daughter’s birthday! They were gorgeous and so creative. Not to mention they tasted great! My dad who is a “chocolate dessert only” kind of guy had two of these. I highly recommend Chubby Heart Cookies and will buy again."


"Just wanted to tell you how much Mike has enjoyed your cookies. They truly are a work of art. Thanks again."



"These cookies are amazingly beautiful and delicious! Custom order came out better than I ever imagined and I knew they were going to be pretty! Thank you so so much!"


"We just got your cookies and they are absolutely amazing!! They are so beautiful and delicious even though we feel guilty eating them because they are so nice. Thank you so much!!!"


"Her work is truly amazing. The detail in artwork , the fabulous melt in your mouth cookie and packaging was awesome! Order now to see what I’m talking about!"


"Omg all my mom friends are dying over your cookies you should have a lot of extra orders next year lol! You are soooo talented! These are hands down the best sugar cookies I’ve ever tasted. Thank you sooo much!"


"First things first - service, design, and flavor WOW WOW WOW. Thank you for creating SUCH amazing cookies. I'm so very glad that I found you! The ladies enjoy the cookies very much and I know you now have 4 new customers! You rock!"


The cookies you did for Jess and Patrick's rehearsal dinner are AMAZING!!! They are even prettier than I imagined. The colors are spot on and the writing is beautiful. Thank you for all the work you put into them. You are a very talented artist and baker! My guests raved about the cookies and how delicious they are! Personally, I thought they were too pretty to eat but I tried the little heart logo and everyone was right. Best tasting sugar cookie ever! Count me as a very happy customer!!


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"Wonderful! These look AMAZING! I’m seriously in awe of your talent! And they taste amazing too! Thank you again!"


I just wanted to say thank you for the GORGEOUS cookies! I mean truly -- you ALWAYS outdo yourself. I wasn't expecting to love these nearly as much as I did but when I opened that box -- wow, they blew my mind! That detail on the bacon crinkle... the syrup on the pancakes, .. the creativity with the #2.. equally amazing and unique!


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Would you like to place an order? Have a question? Drop us a quick note & we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!



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